domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

O farol transformado em gelo

Aconteceu nos Estados Unidos com temperaturas congelantes o farol visto na primeira foto foi transformado em bloco de gelo, nas duas fotos abaixo

Naked Lighthouse
Photograph by Ella Spiri, My Shot

Seen in a September 2008 picture taken by National Geographic My Shot user Ella Spiri, Cleveland's West Pierhead Lighthouse looks much like any other lighthouse. But come winter, it and other Great Lakes lighthouses sometimes turn into fairy castles, birthday cakes, or whatever wintry description best fits.

Ice buildup on Great Lakes lighthouses are not uncommon. "You're going to get ice buildup whenever the weather is this way," Degener said. But the 2010 freeze-out happened much earlier, because frigid temperatures arrived sooner than usual.

The extent of the freezing in 2010 is also exceptional. It's rare for ice to coat a lighthouse so thoroughly that the light is no longer visible.

(Read about the "incredible shrinking Great Lakes.")

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