quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

Já ouviu falar de Recall de ovos?

Cerca de 228 milhões de ovos foram recolhidos por uma empresa produtora de ovos por suspeita de contaminação por Salmonela.  O problema foi explicar para as galinhas que seus ovos estavam sendo devolvidos.

Veja abaixo

Egg recall sparked by salmonella threat
228 million eggs have been recalled after health authorities report salmonella cases.
228 million eggs recalled across US as health authorities report hundreds of cases of potentially fatal illness in California

A new food scare is gripping the US after a company in the midwest ordered the recall of an estimated 228 million eggs amid fears of salmonella poisoning.
The company, Wright County Egg, in Galt, Iowa, voluntarily issued the recall after a federal agency said eggs from the company were linked to an outbreak of salmonella.
The company put no figure on the number of eggs being recalled but the Associated Press put it at 228 million.
Health authorities have reported hundreds of cases of people in California suffering from salmonella enteritidis, which can be fatal.
In a statement, the company said the recall, which began last Friday, applied to 13 brands of eggs sent to food companies in California, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, some of which were then distributed nationwide. The eggs being recalled were packed between May and last Friday.
The company said: "Wright County Egg is fully co-operating with the Food and Drug Administration's investigation by undertaking this voluntary recall. Our primary concern is keeping salmonella out of the food supply and away from consumers."
It added: "Consumers who believe they may have purchased these shell eggs should not eat them but should return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund."
The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, another federal agency, said there had been a fourfold increase in occurences of salmonella enteritidis in June and July.
The agency said salmonella enteritidiscan be found on both the outside and inside of eggs that appear to be normal, and if the eggs are eaten raw or undercooked, the bacterium can cause illness.

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