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Cell podcast HIV , Tuberculosis e Cancer

Cell Podcast

PodcastHIV, Tuberculosis, and Cancer
April 2011
In this month's Cell Podcast, we learn about:
»  How HIV hides in hempatopoietic stem cells (0:00). (Carter et al.) 
»  Combatting tuberculosis drug resistance (7:25). (Adams et al.)
»  Suppressing tumors with a protein isomerase (13:41). (Lee et al.)
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18 November 2010
Osteoporosis, Pain Perception, and Tuberculosis Metabolomics .
21 October 2010
Neurogenetics and celluar stress.
23 September 2010
The genetic basis of night blindness, microRNAs in regulatory T cells, and the mating habits of songbirds.
26 August 2010
Muscle wasting, gut regeneration, and brain metabolism.
29 July 2010
Matrix metalloproteinases, functions of telomere DNA sequences, and fighting bacterial infections with diacyl glycerol.
17 June 2010
Reprogramming fibroblasts, Alzheimer's and autophagy, and neatly-folded DNA.
27 May 2010
How the flu virus mobilizes immune cells, dendritic cells, and SAGA.
22 April 2010
Inhibiting the effects of ricin, type 1 diabetes, and brown fat.
25 March 2010
Optogenetics tools, connecting social behaviour to neural circuitry, and addicted ovarian cancer cells.
18 March 2010
Special Podcast on Inflammation.
25 February 2010
Archeogenetics, a versatile transcription elongation factor, and an oncoprotein involved in leukemia.
28 January 2010
Youthful yeast cells, mosquitoes' mating songs, and slim fruit flies.
10 December 2009
Interviews with this year's Nobel Laureates, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Venki Ramakrishnan.
19 November 2009
Membrane trafficking in cells and regulation in breast cancer cells.
22 October 2009
How the influenza virus outwits the host immune system, why our ancestors took up farming, and what fruit fly memories are really made of.
24 September 2009
The mysteries of sleep, the regulation of clock genes and circadian rhythms, and breast cancer risks.
27 August 2009
An X-chromosome variant that protects against AIDS progression, a microRNA linking normal and cancer stem cells, and how cells move in the worm embryo.
30 July 2009
How cancer cells evade detection, genes that keep the genome stable, and new therapeutic targets fortreating tuberculosis.
18 June 2009
Repairing damaged lung tissue, halting liver tumor growth, and RNA as a drug target.
21 May 2009
Regulatory T cells, developing insulin resistance associated with obesity, and bladder epithelium regeneration after infection with e. coli.
23 April 2009
Using stem cell therapy to treat heart disease, a key player in the production of Th17 cells, and a microRNA's role in regulating fly development.
26 March 2009
An unexpected pro-apoptotic role for the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor, a cytoplasmic filter in neurons, and a mechanism involved in the oxidative stress response in yeast..
26 February 2009
Melanoma cells eluding signals from a key growth control pathway, how to reprogram cells back to a pluripotent state, and variations in human genes contributing to evolution..
29 January 2009
Counteracting climate change with glossy crop leaves, leaky nuclei in aging cells, and how the body keeps cholesterol in check.
11 December 2008
Looking at gene expressions in the brain, the misclassification of the Hawaiian honeyeater, and mutations involved in Diamond-Blackfan anemia.
19 September 2008
A hormone to keep you thin, using dendritic cells to make better vaccines, and how your brain responds to fearful memories.
26 June 2008
Stem cell therapy for shiverer mice, a hormone that conserves energy during starvation, and the inner workings of a calcium ion sensor.
18 April 2008
Reprogramming immune B cells, deadly brain tumors, and the insidious pathogen that causes tuberculosis.
20 December 2007
An immune molecule that works in the nervous system and a gene important for pigmentation in fish and humans.
6 September 2007
A potential new class of bactericidal antibiotics and long distance interactions between chromsomes
14 June 2007
Switched-off kinases, technologies to transform the research enterprise, and coaxing a human pathogen
8 March 2007
Making mouse knockouts en masse, the science of sun tanning, and silencing jumping genes
1 December 2006
Cell: A Review of 2006

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