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Encontros e Congressos em Tuberculose, Leishmaniose, Hanseníase, e Dermatopatologia 2012 - 2013


Paris em 11-15 de Setembro 2012

Host Response in Tb -

March 13—18, 2013

Whistler Conference Centre (meeting only), Whistler, British Columbia, Canada


XXXIII Symposium of the ISDP
October 3-6, 2012
Santa Cruz de la Sierra,Bolivia

ISDP 16th Joint Meeting
February 27-28, 2013

2013 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 8-11 May

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil

13 to 17 May 2013

Tuberculosis 2012
EMBO conference series

Tuberculosis remains an enormous burden to human health, even at the beginning of the 21st century. The situation is worsening in many countries, particularly due to the synergy with the HIV epidemic and the appearance of multi-drug resistant (MDR) or extensively-drug resistant (XDR) tuberculosis. The urgently needed development of new tools that can improve the diagnosis, prevention and/or therapy of tuberculosis and other major mycobacterial diseases depends largely on the progress made by basic and applied research.

The EMBO conference series "Tuberculosis 2012" is an international congress that provides a premium forum for the discussion and exchange of the recent advances of current research and novel trends related to tuberculosis, its causative agent Mycobacterium tuberculosis and related pathogenic mycobacteria. This international meeting to be held from September 11-15, 2012, will take place in the Conference centre (CIS) within the campus of the Institut Pasteur, which can host up to 500 conference delegates and is situated in the center of Paris, France.

The conference will be of interest to researchers, doctors, and representatives from industry with focus on the biology of pathogenic mycobacteria and their interaction with their hosts. Participation by students and scientists in the early stages of their careers is highly encouraged. Tuberculosis 2012 will provide abundant opportunities for networking and exchange of information between senior scientists and professionals, new investigators and students.

Notice from June 19, 2012: The registration page for the congress had to be closed as the maximal number of conference delegates, i.e. more than 550 participants - considering the available space - was reached. We are sorry for the inconveniance this registration-site closure might cause.

Pedro ALZARI (IP, Paris), Clifton BARRY (NIAID, NIH, Bethesda), Roland BROSCH (IP, Paris), Stewart COLE (EPFL, Lausanne), Sabine EHRT (Cornell University, New York), Laurent FRAISSE (Sanofi-Aventis, Toulouse), Brigitte GICQUEL (IP, Paris), and Valerie MIZRAHI(MRC, University of Cape Town). 
Pedro ALZARI (Paris), Marco BELLINZONI (Paris), Roland BROSCH (Paris), Carmen BUCHRIESER (Paris), Laleh MAJLESSI (Paris), and Ludovic TAILLEUX (Paris).

Host Response in Tuberculosis (X7)

joint with the meeting on Tuberculosis: Understanding the Enemy (X8)

Scientific Organizers: Andrea M. Cooper and Robert J. Wilkinson

March 13—18, 2013

Whistler Conference Centre (meeting only), Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Scholarship Deadline: Nov 13, 2012 [details]
Abstract Deadline: Nov 13, 2012 [details]
Late Abstract Deadline: Dec 11, 2012 [details]
Early Registration Deadline: Jan 14, 2013 [details]

Register YourselfDeadlines and FeesSubmit an AbstractApply for a Scholarship

Conference Program    Print  |   View meeting in 12 hr (am/pm) time


Arrival and Registration

How do Innate Cells Respond to Mtb (I)
Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 02/13/2013

NOTE: How does the lung respond to infection and 
how do the phagocyte and bacteria interact?

Dermatopathology Meeting, Mangalore, India
August/September 8/31 - 9/2, 2012

Father Muller Medical College
Contact: Dr Ramesh Bhat M
Phone: 011-919845084224
E-mail: dermapatho@gmail.com

 Alternate email address: rameshderma@gmail.com
This event is under the auspices of ISDP W.P. Daniel Su Regional Clnicopathologic Colloquium (RCPC)

XXXIII Symposium of the ISDP
October 3-6, 2012

Santa Cruz de la Sierra,Bolivia
Los Tajibos Hotel & Convention Center
Contact: Martin Sangueza, MD
Phone: 011 59122434865
Fax: 011 59122430462
E-mail: sangueza@siladepa.com

ISDP 16th Joint Meeting
February 27-28, 2013

Hilton Miami Downtown
Contact: Diana Baughman
Phone: 650-726-5481
Fax: 650-726-5481
E-mail: intsocdp@sbcglobal.net

Downloadable Forms
Exhibitors' Invitation and Agreement
Preliminary brochure
Downloadable Registration Form
Call For Abstracts form

XXXIV Symposium of the ISDP
September 26-28, 2013

Convitto della Calza
Contact: Daniela Massi, MD
Phone: +39-055-50351
Fax: +39-055-5001912
E-mail: info@isdp2013.org

 Location: Convitto della Calza (walking distance from Boboli Garden, Pitti Palace and Ponte Vecchio).

Larry S. SchlesingerOhio State University, USA
Early Lung Responses
Jennifer PhilipsNew York University School of Medicine, USA
EsxH ESCRTs TB to Safety by Arresting Phagosome Maturation
Speaker to be Announced 
Short Talks Chosen from Abstracts 

24th Symposi

  • Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil
    13 to 17 May 2013

    Organizing Committee
    • Sinval P. Brandão Filho
      (Fund. Oswaldo Cruz, Recife) (Chair)
    • Carlos H. N. Costa 
      Univ. Fed. 
      Piaui, Teresina) (President, The Brazilian Soc. Trop. Med.)
    • Claude Pirmez
      (Fund. Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro) (Vice President, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)
    • Jeffrey J. Shaw
      (Univ. São Paulo, São Paulo) (President, Brazilian Soc. Protozoology)



First Announcement

General Information

Date: September 16-20, 2013
Congress Language: English
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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